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Zionism is terrorism.

If 9/11 deserves a moment of silence..Then the genocide in Gaza deserves for us to never speak again.

Associated Press Photo: Israeli forces’ flares light up the night sky of Gaza City on early Tuesday
How would you feel if Israel did this with you? And this is what it did with Palestine. This is illegal. This is pathetic. Open your eyes.
Zionism is Terrorism.
This is so sad. This is Gaza today. A city once so beautiful.
Zionism is Terrorism.

Zionism is terrorism.

Israel AGAIN kills children playing in a park! ONCE MORE! An empty park! No Hamas or resistance rockets being fired! Just kids enjoying their first day of EID! TEN CHILDREN KILLED! Then bombing the most densely populated hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa! The Israeli pilot knew for a fact he will be murdering hundreds. But did not give a damn! Because that’s who they are. They are terrorists, blood and war loving creatures. Wake up people. Everyone should be speaking up against these illegal war crimes. 
Zionism is terrorism. Wake up.
"There’s no Eid in GAZA, my brother has died, my friend has died, my turn will come soon"
Aww fuck you israel
Proud of Pakistan.
Zionism is terrorism.