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Yeah this is what’s happening
This isn’t a matter of religion, its a matter of humanity. #Freedom4Palestine
Jews protesting in New York for Palestines freedom. #Respect #Freedom4Palestine
First time in a very long time I’ve seen people from all religions united for something GREAT #Freedom4Palestine
Israel has cut off all water supplies to Gaza. Sad that Egyptian government helped Israel make this happen…
Every $1 counts. Please take a moment and donate whatever you can <3 Link: 

I have so much respect for him for standing up for Palestine
Turkish President Gül warns Israel to STOP Gaza ground operation #Respect
Protests around the world for #Freedom4Palestine are happening! This 1 made me extra proud. This is Karachi, PAKISTAN
Sad how media manipulates #Truth 190+ dead. 1300+ injured in #Gaza, and this is CNN’s breaking news headline
Funeral of the young Yasmin Mutawaq who was murdered by Bombs in #Palestine. This is heartbreaking!
You don’t have to be a Muslim to distinguish between right and wrong